The Green Clean Institute announces the release of a program for Certified Green Clean Schools in Missouri in cooperation with MSBA & the Missouri Center for Education Safety. The program has been under vetting for over two years with three Missouri schools having already earned GCI-Green Clean Schools Certification.

The purpose of this partnership is to inform and engage frontline cleaning staff members as to the direct effects environmental services has on not only the health and safety of the student body and staff members in schools, but also the community as a whole. This program will provide education for environmental staff members and educational institutions striving to comply with the Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines and Specifications for Schools.

The first of the three step process allows staff members to view free webinars on the MSBA-Center for Education Safety website each month.  Second is the testing, which at any time a participant can choose take in order to gain CEU credits toward a full certification. Thirdly, each recognized individual in the program is encouraged to attend the annual certification class held during the Safe Schools & Colleges Conference.