Seattle skylines and Interstate freeways converge with Elliott Bay and the waterfront background of in sunset time, Seattle, Washington State, USA

On March 1, 2018, Stratus Building Solutions, a green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, launched its first-ever Washington-based Master Franchise in Seattle. This is big news because the need for green cleaning janitorial services is at an all-time high as companies, schools, daycares, religious centers, gyms and others seek out healthier and cleaner work environments.

Helping others to success and making clients for life is what inspired Joshua Lay to open the newest Stratus Building Solutions commercial cleaning and janitorial services regional Master Franchise in Seattle. According to Lay, Stratus Building Solutions’ revolutionary products, green cleaning techniques, and proven sales/customer service processes make the unit franchise opportunity an ideal fit for aspiring business owners seeking an affordable and scalable franchise business.

Lay, a husband and father, is the perfect fit to lead the charge for Stratus Building Solutions in Seattle. He brings decades of experience working with large multinational corporations as well as working with small business owners.

“My parents owned a hardware store growing up and I was able to witness the important role small businesses played in communities,” says Lay. “We strive to provide the best experience and values for the customers we serve. At its heart, Stratus Building Solutions is a small business that thinks big. The business model creates opportunities and relationships for like-minded unit franchisees looking to succeed in a family-based atmosphere. Seattle is a city that expects nothing but the best and that’s what Stratus Building Solutions delivers for its clients, no matter the size of the company, facility or organization.”

The new Stratus Building Solutions of Seattle Master Franchise office will operate as a sales and support center for Stratus Building Solutions unit franchisees in the region. It will offer 16 different cleaning service franchise plans providing state-of-the-art cleaning systems, products, services and marketing support to those franchisees. Franchisee benefits include orientation and training, customer referrals, administrative and accounting support, pre-arranged credit lines, access to insurance and surety bonds, financing options, business reviews, promotional and advertising support and other turn-key advantages.

“We’re excited to open our first Stratus Building Solutions location in Seattle because we know Joshua Lay has the same attention to detail and service-oriented mindset that our other successful Master Franchisees possess,” said Stratus Building Solutions’ CEO, Afshin Cangarlu. “Plus, he is attracted to the emotional side of the opportunity – helping people who never thought they had the money or resources to open a business become unit franchise owners. With his significant industry experience and business acumen, we are confident Joshua will thrive in Seattle.”

Based in Los Angeles, Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, offers regional Master Franchise opportunities that enable owners to operate as local sales and support centers. Master Franchisees across the U.S. and Canada help others uncover the potential of the Stratus Building Solutions’ Unit Franchise opportunity and choose the specific model/investment that fits their lifestyle/financial goals.

Stratus Building Solutions, currently present in 46 U.S. metropolitan locations, provides eco-friendly, customizable commercial cleaning and janitorial services to a wide range of clients including offices, medical facilities, warehouses, gyms, retail and more.