Spectra254, a provider of UVC light disinfection solutions, announced that Nebraska-based progressive health system Great Plains Health has selected Spectra 1100 Series ultraviolet light disinfection systems to help prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections among its patients and employees.

Great Plains Health chose the Spectra 1100 Series decontamination units for use on every floor of the hospital campus, including in its medical surgical unit, operating rooms, emergency room and intensive care unit in addition to its offices, waiting rooms and other locations throughout the facility. The Spectra 1100 systems will be used after chemical cleaning is completed, for killing HAIs such as C.difficile, CRE and MRSA, and other viruses like influenza.

“When choosing a UVC decontamination system for the hospital, we completed side-by-side testing of the Spectra 1100 Series against other UV disinfection systems on the market,” said Paul Baker, Director of Environmental Services for Great Plains Health. “The Spectra254 device hands-down had the highest efficacy rate in the shortest amount of time when compared with other devices.”

According to Baker, the medical center may expand the use of UVC light decontamination in the future. He also cites the Spectra 1100 Series’ data generating capabilities as an important, potential data source for meeting regional and national accreditation standards around infection prevention. 

“As stricter infection control standards are instituted, healthcare providers look for highly effective, data-driven decontamination methods and reporting,” said Dennis Boyle, Spectra254’s President. “By selecting the Spectra 1100 Series for its medical center, Great Plains Health gets both.” 

Great Plains Health in North Platte, Neb., is a 116-bed hospital that serves 20 counties in total, 15,944 square miles of West central Nebraska, one fifth of the state’s geographic area, providing care for 130,000 people in the region it serves. The center’s Emergency & Trauma Services unit is a certified Level III trauma center that serves more than 19,000 children and adults each year. Great Plains Health provides care and treatment in approximately 30 different specialties, including heart and vascular services, cancer treatment and orthopedics.

The Spectra 1100 Series is a portable device that uses high-output UVC germicidal lamps to eliminate pathogens on surfaces. The device can be wheeled from room to room and a one-touch remote control enables a hospital’s environmental services department to safely activate the system. Sensors in the unit would turn off the system should someone enter a room while the device is in operation.

In independent analysis performed for Spectra254 by Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, scientific testing showed the UVC light from the Spectra 1100 was highly effective (greater than 99 percent) at killing MRSA and C. difficile on solid surfaces.