Traditionally, goats are not considered a solution to landscaping needs. But at the University of Georgia, the animals are used to clean up the unnecessary, exotic plants that are littering areas of campus.

According to, the campus newspaper, certain areas of campus had become overgrown because of the inability to maneuver heavy equipment into the space. When the Office of Sustainability awarded a landscape and architecture major the Campus Sustainability Grant, that student set out to make a change.

Zach Richardson used his $3,000 grant to purchase eight goats, as well as feed and time-lapse equipment to document the progress of his program. A portion was also used to put together an event called "Kid Fest" — a program to inform children in the area about the goats and their purpose.

The area where the goats feast is overgrown with non-native plants that take away from the species that are naturally growing there, say reports. The goats are there to eat away these detrimental plants.

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