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The global tissue paper market reached a value of US$ 64.9 Billion in 2021, according to a recent report published by Research and Markets. Looking forward, the publisher expects the market to reach US$ 93.4 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.26 percent during 2021-2027. 

Keeping in mind the uncertainties of COVID-19, researches are continuously tracking and evaluating the direct as well as the indirect influence of the pandemic on different end use sectors. These insights are included in the report as a major market contributor.

Tissue papers are manufactured using the pulp of hardwood and softwood trees, water and chemicals. The production process for a tissue paper primarily involves pulping and retting, adding color or components to strengthen or soften and enhance the water-holding capacity, and ultimately pressing the product to mold into the required shape. Tissue papers are primarily used for sanitation and hygiene purposes.

They are convenient to use and most suitable for cleaning and drying wet surfaces. For  commercial purposes, they are widely used in the form of paper towels, wet and pocket tissues, napkins and toilet rolls. In comparison to plastics and textiles, tissue papers have low-cost of production, and are conveniently available, biodegradable and recyclable.

The thriving hospitality and tourism industries are among the key factors driving the growth of the market. Furthermore, an overall increase in the awareness regarding health and hygiene among consumers has enhanced the utilization of tissue paper products in office complexes and commercial spaces as well.

Furthermore, facial tissues are gaining preference in several regions across the globe, especially in urban setups, thus providing a thrust to the market. Additionally, the production of specialized tissues such as premium decorative, glazed and printed variants are significantly boosting the product sales. Advancements in manufacturing technologies have enabled the vendors to improve product designs and patterns to cater to a wide consumer base with diversified requirements.

Other factors, including the development of organic tissue papers, rising disposable incomes, and favorable government policies to promote public health, are projected to drive the market further.

Key questions answered in the report include:

1. What is the global tissue paper market growth?

2. What are the global tissue paper market drivers?

3. What are the key industry trends in the global tissue paper market?

4. What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global tissue paper market?

5. What is the global tissue paper market breakup by product?

The full report can be accessed here