Global Shop Solutions Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary  of VP of Operations, Mike Melzer

In today’s world, it’s rare to find someone who spends more than five years with a company before moving on. It’s even rarer to find someone who has spent 20 years with the same company. That’s why Global Shop Solutions is proud to celebrate 20 years of operational excellence under the leadership of Vice President of Operations Mike Melzer.

A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Mike has touched thousands of Global Shop Solutions customers by physically being at their facility evaluating their manufacturing processes, being the most contacted employee when a manufacturer has a question, and by building some of our most innovative products including our wildly-popular single-screen Dashboards for Manufacturers.

On top of his commitment to customer success, Mr. Melzer is an unparalleled leader, coaching the industry’s top talent. This leadership is reflected in Andres Valdez, one of Mr. Melzer’s direct reports, being named one of Manufacturing Engineering’s 30 under 30 Award recipients.

“Global Shop Solutions has been helping manufacturers go from good to great for over 40 years,” said Dusty Alexander, CEO and President of Global Shop Solutions. “Twenty years ago we got really good at it – and I mean really good – because we hired Mike Melzer. He changed our company and manufacturers love him.”

“I have been in manufacturing my entire career,” continues Alexander, “and I feel 10 feet tall when I walk into a room and have the great Mike Melzer next to me. On behalf of our nearly 250 employees and thousands of customers around the world we thank Mike Melzer for his dedication to his craft. He is a one in a million professional.”