Global Shop Solutions Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of VP and CTO Chris Okamuro

Global Shop Solutions is proud to celebrate 20 years of technological innovations for ERP Software under the leadership of Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Chris Okamuro.

“Chris has been critical to the success of Global Shop Solutions,” says Vice President of R&D Erika Klein. “He is a problem solver and a fountain of ideas. He pushes the company forward to change for the better. I am thankful for Chris and all of his spectacular efforts over the last 20 years.”

At an age where most young adults are learning how to drive, hanging out with their friends, and preparing for the SATs, Chris was graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from North Carolina State University. Since then, he has kept Global Shop Solutions on the forefront of technological advancement in the ERP software space.

One of his most notable achievements is the creation of Global Shop Solutions Global Application Builder (GAB), which allows customers to create customized applications and reports for their manufacturing business beyond the scope of the standard ERP applications. To date, there are over 1,000 applications that are specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs to maximize productivity and profits.

“It only takes one person and a crazy idea to change how we simplify manufacturing for our customers,” said President and CEO Dusty Alexander. “Twenty years ago we hired Chris to tackle and manage one of the most pertinent jobs in our business, and under his technical leadership, our customers have been able to go from good manufacturing to great manufacturing. He works a ton of late nights, and can delve into any crazy data situation that is thrown his way. Not only did he develop GAB, but he wrote the code for our Advancing Planning & Scheduling software, and is constantly identifying and developing existing talent at Global Shop Solutions.”