A pen laid on top of a contract

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing and Disinfecting was recently awarded a contract by The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS).

Based in Texas and consisting of over 11,000 members, TIPS is a successful and growing national purchasing cooperative. TIPS is a department of Region 8 Education Service Center, a governmental entity, located in Pittsburg, Texas. When permitted by law - instead of customers expending time, money, and resources on the extensive competitive bidding process - the use of TIPS permits public entities to quickly select and purchase work directly from Germinator since the company has already been competitively procured according to applicable state and federal bid laws.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded a vendor contract within TIPS,” says Jeff Gill, CEO of Germinator. “The current pandemic has created a difficult situation for school districts and organizations who are trying to figure out how to reopen safely and in a timely manner. This vendor contract reduces the hassle and speeds up the process for these organizations, allowing us to immediately begin thoroughly sanitizing and disinfecting to help facilitate a safe and efficient reopening.”

In addition to the TIPS contract, Germinator was recently awarded a vendor contract with TexBuy Purchasing Cooperative, which enables the company to perform work for the 62 school districts in Region 16 and additional districts and entities throughout Texas.