Gausium Innovation Award

Gausium (alias “Gaussian Robotics”) was crowned a winner of Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022 - Smart Technologies & Digitalization for its autonomous floor cleaning robot Scrubber 50 Pro. The award ceremony took place at the Interclean show in RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. It is the first time that Gausium applied for the Award, and the first time that a Chinese company became the winner of the prestigious award. 

Scrubber 50 Pro is the latest upgraded version of Gaussian’s best-selling autonomous floor cleaning bot model Scrubber 50. It highlights superior environmental perception enabled by multi-sensor fusion of 3D cameras and industry-leading deep learning algorithms. In the Robot Arena of the Interclean Show, Scrubber 50 Pro demonstrated to the audience its exclusive “Auto Spot Cleaning” feature, in which the robot scanned the cleanliness of the nearby floor and autonomously went to perform spot cleaning where the wastes were detected. The ingenious innovation is in line with Gausium’s sustainability initiatives. By cleaning only where it is needed, the robot brings 4-time efficiency improvement and significantly reduces water and power consumption. On top of that, a 5-stage water filtration system was built in the machine to reduce around 80 percent of the water usage.

As the world grapples with the volatile and unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic, autonomous cleaning bots like Scrubber 50 Pro can act as a powerful weapon against the viruses by improving the efficiency, frequency and consistency of cleaning and sanitization for public spaces. It can free up manpower and re-allocate resources to more delicate cleaning tasks such as the disinfection of high touch points. Deployment of the robotic cleaner also helps improve workplace ergonomics and decrease potential health hazards caused by over-exertion, awkward postures and repetitive actions.