Green plan concept

GOJO Industries announced the next phase of its GOJO Sustainable Value strategy today, designed to help keep people and the planet healthy for years to come.

"Our GOJO Purpose and Values demand and inspire us to think holistically and deliver what we call GOJO Sustainable Value," says Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, GOJO Industries executive chair. "GOJO Sustainable Value strives to create social, environmental, and economic value for all of our stakeholders and holds us accountable for the impact of our actions and inactions. Each part of our Sustainable Value strategy connects to the others and moves us closer to realizing our Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better through Well-Being Solutions."

This phase of the company's Sustainable Value strategy is focused on four priorities:

Clean Chemistry: GOJO has been a leader in safer chemistry for decades, and it intends to continue to differentiate in this space. Focused innovation has resulted in the largest global portfolio of third-party Ecolabel-certified hygiene products* in the B2B hand and surface hygiene industry, including hundreds of hand hygiene SKUs being Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold products. As a founding and ongoing participant in the Chemical Footprint Project, GOJO will continue to push the boundaries on choosing safe ingredients for both people and the planet while continuing to deliver unquestionable efficacy. Additionally, GOJO will expand product transparency to inspire ever greater trust in GOJO as an Enterprise and the PURELL brand. 

Flourishing Team GOJO: Team GOJO is one of the Enterprise's towering strengths. As such, work toward this priority will strengthen GOJO culture by boldly advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; achieving team member growth and development; and elevating and enhancing team member well-being. 

Plastics & Circular Design: Plastic plays an important role in protecting and delivering GOJO products, but plastic pollution has clearly become a serious environmental and human health challenge. GOJO recognizes the way it delivers and protects its products is reliant on plastic today and, in some instances, does not work well in a circular economy. Work in this domain will transform how GOJO evaluates and utilizes materials in its packaging and dispensing systems over time, from incorporating recycled content and ensuring increased recyclability to exploring alternative materials and delivery models.

Climate Resilience & Responsibility: Climate change is a grave threat to societies around the world and global public health. To do its part, GOJO has committed to setting short-term and long-term carbon reduction targets in alignment with the Science Based Targets Initiative's Net-Zero Standard. This best-practice commitment will guide the efforts of the Enterprise to decarbonize across its entire value chain and to deliver lower carbon solutions to customers. 

"We know the progress we'll make on these four pillars will lead directly to better health for people and the planet," says Carey Jaros, GOJO Industries president & CEO. "For more than 75 years, we've used science-based innovation to solve real human problems, setting new standards for efficacy and safety and inspiring others to develop solutions that increase overall well-being. This next phase of our Sustainable Value strategy stretches us to have an even greater impact on our customers and communities, and society as a whole."