The 2014 Sustainable Strategies & Innovation Conference, part of Sustainatopia, featured Nicole Koharik, GOJO Global Sustainability Marketing Director, as part of its “Deep Dive on all Things Supply Chain” session. The conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in Century City, Los Angeles, from Oct. 29-31, and is one of five being administered by Sustainatopia. Each conference is designed to educate and create global participation and collaboration for individuals from all walks of life with one common interest: preserving the planet for future generations.

For GOJO, sustainability has been a part of its story since its founding in 1946. GOJO founders Goldie and Jerry Lippman instilled a culture of practicality, resourcefulness, perseverance and social awareness. Today, that culture remains vibrant, and sustainability plays a pivotal role in how GOJO operates.

“Sustainability is inherent in the GOJO Purpose – Saving Lives and Making Life Better through Well-Being Solutions,” said Koharik. “Our Purpose drives the company’s commitment towards greater social, environmental and economic sustainability. It has created products, processes and programs that benefit our customers and the world at large.”

In her panel discussion, Koharik discussed:
• The GOJO approach to generating Sustainable Value for its business and its stakeholders;
• Evolving customer sustainability preferences and requirements across markets; and
• How supply chain collaboration is accelerating sustainable product innovation.
GOJO incorporates sustainability into all areas of its business, including its supply chain. GOJO made many sustainability advancements in 2013 including:
• Generating a 35 percent improvement in hand hygiene delivered in equivalent uses relative to the 2010 per-use rate;
• Promoting public health through collaborations to deliver products to regions with extreme needs; and
• Establishing its first generation sustainable chemistry and packaging policies to guide sustainable design thinking and decisions to drive continuous improvements to the product portfolio.