Purell hand sanitizer

GOJO Industries is enjoying so much demand for its Purell brand hand sanitizer that the company's holding weekly virtual career fairs so it can keep up with customers' desires.

The company will hold the virtual fairs on Tuesdays in an effort to fill positions in Wooster, Cuyahoga Falls and Navarre, Ohio, reports Fox Business. Positions available involve supervisory, technical and associate-level roles in manufacturing and in warehouses. In total, the company hopes to fill 250 jobs in order to keep up with the production demands.

While GOJO and other companies enjoy the demand for their hand sanitizer, other manufacturers are being prevented from making a sale. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to add to a list of hand sanitizers it deems too dangerous for people to use. The reasons hand sanitizers end up on the list vary, but some of the most common are that they contain a dangerous ingredient or aren't strong enough to function.