On Thursday, August 21st, 2014, SonicTrain, LLC. launched The Arena, a free online training tool for the entire JanSan industry.  This tool features a fun, competitive, social and mobile design that allows everyone the opportunity to learn more about the industry’s people, products, and processes.

The Arena offers seventeen JanSan categories of information rich fun via an online gaming experience.  Trivia games; crossword puzzles; facetime (a who’s who); brandology (logos); and slogan’s alley (slogans, taglines, etc.) alternate throughout each game set.  A leaderboard for the overall platform and for each Arena will feature the profiles and points of the top 25 players at any given time.  Crosswords and trivia games feature “cheat links” via the sponsor logo… so the opportunity to find the answers you don’t already know is at your fingertips.

You can register and enter The Arena at www.sonictrain.com, our robust new website that will also tell you more about gamification and the history behind SonicTrain, LLC.  The “resources” page provides links to content that players will find very helpful, such as articles which certain Arenas like “Brand You” and “Sales Process” were based upon (a great way to brush up before you play!)

Another great way to brush up before or during play is by checking out the websites of our sponsors.  Special thanks to key introductory sponsors: Misco Products; The Andersen Co.; Breeze Software; and Anderson Chemical Company, Inc.  Sponsorships at all levels are still available.  Public Arenas access is free with registration to anyone who wants to learn more about our industry.  Sponsors can also choose to have their own private and completely custom Arena for their own teams or customers.