In honor of International Housekeeper’s Week Sept. 8-14, 2013, ITW Professional Brands shares tips to help housekeeping staff maintain a clean and safe environment for guests while easing their workload.

“Housekeepers have a tough and often thankless job,” said ITW Professional Brands Director of Sales and Marketing Rich Bucher. “However, housekeepers are critical to ensuring a safe, clean and welcoming environment for guests and other building patrons.  It’s important to make sure housekeepers are armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment.”

The following tips will make housekeepers’ jobs easier while improving building cleanliness:

1) Provide job-specific training. Develop a plan on how to clean a room that addresses the order of cleaning tasks, the types of cleaning tools used and chemicals required. Provide housekeepers with a checklist to keep track of tasks to be accomplished. Understanding proper methods for performing job functions helps reduce the time spent in the room, improves cleanliness and hygiene, and prevents repetitive motion and on-the-job injuries.

2) Encourage multi-tasking. Don’t waste time while waiting for disinfectant and cleaning solutions to sit for the proper dwell time. While products sit, housekeepers can complete other tasks such as restocking items or emptying the trash receptacle. When selecting a disinfectant, it is important to consider efficacy, contact time and cleaning ability. Reduced contact time disinfectants that sanitize in 10 seconds, and offer kills strengths of 30 seconds for viruses and 45 seconds for bacteria are preferred.

3) Provide housekeepers with the right tools and equipment. The right cleaning tools, like microfiber towels and mops, can improve cleanliness by not leaving lint behind. Ensure that housekeeping carts are consistently stocked and replenished before each shift. By providing adequate supplies, housekeepers will limit unnecessary trips to storage closets.

4) Offer pre-moistened wipes. Providing pre-moistened wipes allows housekeepers to clean effortlessly and more efficiently. Wipes are easy to use and transport, reduce product waste and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.