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Contributed by SC Johnson Professional

As pandemic-related restrictions continue to lift, consumers are beginning to travel and enter public facilities. However, travelers still expect a higher level of cleanliness to feel confident and comfortable visiting new places. As summer travel season continues, SC Johnson Professional offers several tips to help facilities instill confidence in travelers.

“With more Americans being vaccinated against COVID-19, more people are expected to venture out and visit public facilities such as airports, train stations and restaurants,” says Mike Flagg, head of SC Johnson Professional’s North American business. “Moving forward, it’s important to many consumers that facilities continue their cleaning efforts post-pandemic and provide the necessary items that promote healthy hand hygiene practices.”

Tips to help reduce the spread of germs while summer travel resumes include:

 • Provide hand hygiene options: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid sickness and prevent germ transmission. Having ample stock of hand hygiene essentials such as soap and sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol is critical in travel and leisure facilities as it helps promote positive hand hygiene behaviors. Airports, train and bus stations can place hand sanitizer stations with either standing or desktop dispensers throughout the facility.

 • Clean high-touch areas frequently: Many high-touch areas, especially in airports, are breeding grounds for germs. Cleaning and disinfecting these are essential. Start by cleaning off any heavy soil before applying disinfectant to achieve the best results. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding contact time before wiping away.

 • Follow a targeted hygiene approach: Targeted hygiene guidance focuses on hygiene behavior rather than just routine cleaning and disinfection, to break the chain of infection in workplaces and public facilities. The core principle of targeted hygiene is to identify the eight moments of potential infection spread and advise targeted hand or surface hygiene actions to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

 • Stay home when ill: Employees interact with many travelers each day, which could create a domino effect of germs spreading. Encourage employees to stay home when ill.