Toilet paper vector concept

According to SkyQuest, the growing awareness surrounding deforestation caused by paper pulp production has raised concerns among toilet paper users regarding its environmental impact. However, manufacturers in the industry are actively addressing these concerns and striving to find alternative ways to reduce the reliance on virgin paper pulp derived from trees.

1 Ply Segment is Expected to Grow the Market Due to its Lower Material Costs

The 1 ply segment held a significant market share, accounting for approximately 46 percent of the global revenue in the toilet paper industry. 1 ply toilet paper is characterized by its composition of a single layer of paper, making it a cost-effective option for consumers. 1-ply toilet paper is often more affordable than other segments, due to its simpler manufacturing process and lower material costs.

The market in North America is anticipated to maintain its dominant position in the toilet paper market, accounting for a significant market share of over 44 percent in terms of revenue in 2022. The United States, in particular, contributes to this market dominance due to its substantial toilet paper consumption.

2 Ply Toilet Paper Segment is Expected to Dominate the Market Due to Increased Strength and Durability

The 2-ply toilet paper segment is projected to exhibit significant growth during the forecast period, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5 percent. This type of toilet paper is characterized by its thickness and is often considered superior in terms of quality. The added layer of paper in 2-ply toilet paper provides increased strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for daily usage.

Regional markets in the Asia Pacific region are projected to capture a significant market share in the toilet paper industry. This can be attributed to various factors, including the evolving production capability of wood-based products in countries such as China, Japan, and other East Asian countries.

A comprehensive analysis of the major players in the toilet paper market has been recently conducted in a report. The report encompasses various aspects, including collaborations, mergers, innovative business policies, and strategies, providing valuable insights into key trends and breakthroughs in the market. Furthermore, the report scrutinizes the market share of the top segments and presents a detailed geographic analysis. Lastly, the report highlights the major players in the industry and their endeavors to develop innovative solutions to cater to the growing demand.

Key Developments in Toilet Paper Market

• Razer, a prominent technology company, recently invested in The Nurturing Co., the manufacturer of Bambooloo. It is recognized as one of the world's pioneering brands of single-use and plastic-free bamboo toilet paper and home care products. Razer's investment reflects a growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives in the toilet paper industry. Bambooloo offers an environmentally conscious solution by utilizing bamboo as a renewable resource.

• Recently, Kimberly-Clark Australia reported that global supply chain disruptions have increased the demand for toilet paper and tissue products produced in Australia. According to the company, the need for these essential products has risen by approximately 10 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Key Questions Answered in Toilet Paper Market Report

• What specific growth drivers are projected to impact the market during the forecast period?

• List the top companies in the market and explain how they have achieved their positions of influence.

• In what ways do regional trends and patterns differ within the global market, and how these differences shape the market's future growth?

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