Sick guy with fever wrapped in warm blanket drinking hot tea, free space

News about the new coronavirus has been spreading on this website and many more. And that makes sense, as readers routinely show an interest on learning more about the virus and how it impacts their lives. Largely lost in these discussions, however, is the flu virus and how it's still the biggest threat to Americans’ health this time of year. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show 15 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States through the early afternoon of Thursday. These numbers are absolutely dwarfed by flu confirmations, which have exceeded more than 22 million this year, according to recent CDC estimates. These statistics prove that more balanced discussion needs to be had as it pertains to the flu and coronavirus, says Libby Richards, an associate professor of nursing at Purdue University.

“It’s important to keep in mind that while we currently do not have a vaccine for coronavirus, we do have a safe and effective vaccine for the flu, and it’s not too late to get one,” says Richards via the university’s website. “We are still in the peak of flu season, so vaccination is important to protect you and those around you. The flu vaccine helps protect not only you from influenza but can also lessen your chance of flu-related complications.”

Of course, those working as facility managers or building service contractors, or the people selling products to those end users have no control over whether people get the flu shot or even wash their hands. What they can control, however, is how to keep germs at bay.

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