Sick little girl covered in blanket is lying on couch while her father is taking her temperature

The 2019-2020 flu season is off to a bad start in the United States — the worst in a decade, in fact. Louisiana perfectly demonstrates the magnitude of this unfortunate event, as some of its hospitals are experiencing a shocking increase in flu cases compared to this point in 2018, reports CNN.

Children's Hospital New Orleans has had more than 1,400 kids come to its facilities with the flu as of Dec. 4, a jarring figure considering all but nine cases were confirmed by that point last flu season. 

Ochsner Health System, which is the largest nonprofit health system in Louisiana, recorded a whopping 6,909 flu cases in its facilities in November alone. That’s a 1,385% increase from November 2018.

The flu tends to be particularly problematic for children and the elderly. This year, children are the biggest victims, due to the presence of the influenza B strain, according to the report.

Cleaning staffs are in a unique position to help control the spread of the flu, but get less protection themselves. As such, here are tips on how to keep frontline workers safer during flu season.