Man with cleaning supplies in building

The great majority of America is being heavily impacted by the flu right now, as made evident by the data most recently shared by the Centers For Disease Control and Infection. Wanting to put up the best fight it can against the pesky advisory, one east Texas school district is instituting a deep clean as the dead of winter hits.

Martin's Mill Independent School District hired a company specializing in deep cleaning in hopes the act can slow the spread of germs until flu begins to slow down, reports CBS 19.

Once the school year begins, it becomes harder for staff to clean up after the students throughout the day while also providing a more comprehensive clean, says district superintendent James Olive. He and the rest of the district hope the deep clean being conducted will help keep more kids and faculty both healthy and present at school.

The company conducting the deep cleaning for Martin Mill, Germblast, is quite busy. The company says it’s in about 125 school districts throughout Texas alone. Germblast’s work for Martin Mills keeps the company in its schools from most of the afternoon into the night every school day.

Deep cleaning is just one of the ways schools can improve the cleanliness of their environment throughout the winter months. For more suggestions on how to maintain a healthy learning environment this time of year, check out this past article from CleanLink.