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Pathogen Solutions, a tech startup with a mission to reduce harmful microbials found on floors of spaces that demand careful sanitation, announced new leadership acquisitions promising to propel the growing startup into new sales and distribution channels that include healthcare, cannabis, cruise line, farming, pharmacy and food processing industries.
The company, which offers a revolutionary footwear sanitizing station, also announced a major overhaul of its company product, positioning, and brand that align with the leadership additions of Dr. Sunil Pandya, MD, MBA, MHI, CPHIMS as Chief Clinical Officer, Spencer Liebmann as Chief Strategy Officer, and Heather Kramer as Director of Product Marketing.
According to COO Scott Beal, numerous scientific studies have proven that pathogens introduced on the floor make their way to high-touch surface areas that can cause infections for immune-compromised populations. These pathogens can also cause contamination in food production or processing areas that may have negative health effects resulting in both harm to the community and expensive recalls.
“I am excited to bring my years of clinical expertise to the Pathogen Solutions leadership team. Based on a large sample of U.S. acute care hospitals, on any given day, about 1 in 26 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection,” Dr. Pandya said. “These numbers have to change, and I believe our footwear sanitizing stations can be a leading contributor to improving healthcare environments.”
“On behalf of the entire team, we welcome Dr. Sunil Pandya, Spencer Liebmann and Heather Kramer in our mission to reduce microbial load in facilities. The addition of the diverse experience and talent brought on by these passionate leaders will help us further our cause to prevent infections and save lives,” added Beal.
Pathogen Solutions is the first and only proactive footwear sanitizing station that utilizes UVC and ozone technology to destroy 99.9% of deadly pathogens in six seconds or less on the bottom of shoe soles that may lead to healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s). Pathogen Solutions’ expansion plans include distributing to other industries and channels where infection prevention is a key safety concern.