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Few have been under more strain during the COVID-19 pandemic than frontline workers, so it’s always encouraging to see them get the support they need. Custodians at the St. Pete-Clearwater airport received some positive news last week in the form over two grants from the American Rescue Plan. 

As reported by the St. Pete Catalyst, the two grants will total out to over $10 million for financial recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, funds will help to implement COVID mitigation projects, while also covering salaries and benefits for airport employees.

The first grant, estimated at $9.8 million will go to debt service payments, sanitation, cleaning, janitorial services, general airport operations and personnel. An additional smaller grant of $979,617 will provide rental payment support for airport concessions. 

While the specific dates of the fund payments weren’t announced, U.S. Rep Charlie Crist expressed gratitude for the local airport getting support, and hopes the relief will provide some alleviation for business and their employees amid the pandemic.

Last month, the American Rescue plan also supplied funding to a series of Oregon-based airports to help support frontline workers. Read more on that here