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Cleaning equipment subscriptions, like the one provided by ICE Robotics, are  making managing entire fleets of equipment easier for cleaning professionals. By offering floor cleaning equipment through an all-inclusive subscription, ICE Robotics can help clients: reduce downtime with on-going machine monitoring and maintenance service; manage staff and cleaning quality through data and reports; and create predictable budgets.

“Our all-inclusive subscription model ensures that customers have access to the highest quality, most productive floor care equipment,” says Mike DeBoer, president of ICE Robotics U.S.

The ICE Robotics all-inclusive subscription includes intelligent and autonomous cleaning equipment, as well as parts and service for the duration of the contract. It also includes access to state-of-the-art fleet management software and active maintenance and optimizations from the ICE Robotics Tech Connect team.

“Our flexible program includes all the parts and services associated with getting the highest performance out of your equipment while avoiding labor-intensive, costly activities associated with owning and maintaining your fleet,” says DeBoer. “We shoulder the responsibility of increasing your uptime with our subscription service.”

Like Volvo has done with cars, ICE Robotics is doing with floor cleaning equipment. While keeping up with current cultural shifts and at the same time increasing benefits to customers, subscription services help to alleviate much of the time and costs associated with ownership of equipment.

“We find our customers prefer to use their capital to expand their business versus having it tied up in equipment ownership,” says DeBoer.

For this reason, the ICE Robotics subscription model has flexible offerings that include being able to choose a subscription term that is right for your business, whether it is 1-year, 3-years, or 4-years. In addition, clients choose the machine that best suits their cleaning needs. Once the machine and subscription term are chosen, the client pays a set monthly payment for the duration of the contract and there are no extra fees or charges.

“As cleaning technology evolves, and we bring new, innovative products to market, you can grow with us and not be tied to operating an outdated fleet of equipment,” says DeBoer.

In other words, when the subscription term is up, clients can start a new subscription term with brand new equipment instead of hanging on to outdated machines.