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Contributed by Kaivac.

Floor care is often the centerpiece of commercial cleaning. Floors make the first impression on a building occupant when they walk into a facility, which is why it is essential to make sure they are always properly cared for.

Leon Fields, business development manager for Kaivac, offers the following tips to making a lasting impression with floor care:

• Know the flooring. If you don’t know what kind of flooring you’re dealing with, you can damage it by using the wrong chemicals. If workers are unsure of the flooring type, train them to test chemical effectiveness in a inconspicuous area.

• A shiny floor is a safe floor. Building occupants often think a shiny floor is slippery. But cleaning professionals know that clean, dirt-free floors show the most shine and are less slippery floors with dirt on them. 

• Proper matting can pick up a significant amount of dirt and debris as people enter the building. However, it’s also important to clean entry mats as they get saturated.

• High traffic areas need to be cleaned on a daily basis. While cleaners may be able to get away with spot cleaning less frequented areas, high traffic areas are also high visibility. 

• Stripping and restoring vinyl composition tile (VCT) is extremely labor intensive, which is probably because many cleaners don’t let their stripper sit long enough. Like any chemical, floor stripper needs time to work.

• It is a common mistake for cleaners to use floor finish on floors that have grout. According to Fields, finishes wont adhere well to these floors because they are not flat. Instead of using finishes, he suggests keeping floors natural.

• Less is more when cleaning carpets. Cleaning chemicals are designed to grab dirt, and if excess chemical gets left in the carpet it will grab dirt from shoes, re-soiling the carpet. Fields adds that most carpets can be cleaned with just hot water and extraction.

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