Most technicians will agree, proper and effective floor maintenance is essentially a science. And, like any science, it has its own terminology.
According to Debby Davis, product manager for Powr-Flite and a floor care expert, the following are some floor care terms rarely heard, but ones which have significant importance when it comes to the science of floor care:
James Machine: This is a device used to determine the slip resistance of a hard floor surface.  It measures the static coefficient of friction.
Mar: Damage to a floor finish film that is usually repairable only by recoating.
Mottling: This applies to a floor finish that looks blotchy, marked, or spotty.
Pitting: If small holes form in a floor finish it is referred to as pitting.  "Spiked" or high heel shoes can cause this problem.
Pop: When the appearance of a floor finish goes from a dull to high luster, especially after using a high speed burnisher.
Preservatives: Most floor finishes contain small amounts of antimicrobial agents or preservatives to help prevent bacterial contamination in an unopened container.
Soil Release: The ability of a floor finish to release soil attached to it.
Streaking: Using soiled mops and/or applying finish in too thin of coats can cause dull or soiled areas in the finish, referred to as streaking.
Tack Rags: This refers to wrapping a cloth around a broom or dust mop to clean up fine particles, such as dust.
"Along with understanding these terms, floor care technicians also need to be well-versed on the different types of machines used in floor care," adds Davis. "When it comes to floor care, knowledge is indeed power."