Brian Throneberry has joined Powr-Flite, makers of professional cleaning equipment, as the newest addition to the company’s product management team.

Prior to joining Powr-Flite, Throneberry was managing partner of a floor care company in the Fort Worth, Texas, area.  Along with training employees on floor care procedures and techniques, one of his key duties was marketing and generating new business for the company.

Before that, Throneberry was a chemical and energy consultant with EcoLab, where he was also involved with marketing campaigns along with customer support.

“Because floor care and commercial cleaning equipment is such a big part of Powr-Flite’s product line, we are especially pleased to have found someone like Brian that knows the business inside and out,” says Steve Day, vice president of the company’s commercial floor care division.

As product manager, among Throneberry’s key duties will be assessing the needs and challenges of cleaning contractors, specifically when it comes to floor care equipment, and ensuring that Powr-Flite is developing and manufacturing equipment to address those challenges.