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Embracing eco-friendly values can be good for business, as well as for the environment. By demonstrating an eco-friendly commitment, businesses can grow their reputation as they shrink their carbon footprint. Reports from The Environmental Magazine outline key efforts in a green workplace:

Use eco-friendly office furniture to store documents. Wood lockers, for instance, have a far smaller carbon impact on the environment in production than metal counterparts.

Even more important, focus on purging the papers that aren't needed, to free up storage. Going paperless is ultimately the best option. Keeping digital copies can reduce the need for paper and physical storage.

Green cleaning
To really embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle, make sure cleaning products and equipment used at the facility are certified by a third-party that emphasizes green and sustainability.

Clearing the air
Clean the office air by adding indoor plants. Plants can help purify the air, increasing the amount of oxygen while cleaning the toxins in the air. Plus, regular maintenance of heating appliances, lighting fixtures, and electrical units can boost their efficiency.

Turning off lights
An “everything-off-at-night” rule saves a lot of energy while the building is empty. Changing the computer settings to “power save” mode can also save money. So can switching from fluorescent to LED light bulbs. If possible, convert to renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind.

Buying recycled
Consider using 100 percent recycled paper products in the office and printing double-sided documents. On a larger scale, buying used furniture at auctions or from websites like Craigslist or Letgo means that old furniture doesn’t end up in the landfill.

Wasting less
Position recycling bins around the office and consider adding a compost bin to the break room. Unsubscribe to junk mail lists and updating your in-house mailing lists. Add hand dryers to the bathrooms to reduce the need for paper towels.

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