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A high rate of employee turnover can have a brutal impact on any business within the cleaning industry. For starters, the process of searching for, hiring and training a new employee is known to be expensive. When an employee leaves it also can put stress on his or her remaining coworkers as they often times have to make up for the lost labor. Finally, customers can be punished by losing the labor an experienced employee provides.

Facility managers, building service contractors and jan/san distributors might be able to improve upon high turnover rates by taking the following actions recommended by HR News.

1. Fire bad management

It's often said that people don't quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Businesses should consider firing managers who are often brought up as an issue in exit interviews and employee complaints. As HR News argues, the decision to fire one bad manager could save a company multiple employees.

2. Forget the performance review

HR News is of the opinion that performance reviews do little more than waste the time of employees and managers because good management already knows how his or her employees are performing. Instead of holding bi-annual or annual performance reviews, managers should hold monthly or bi-monthly discussions with employees so that the two sides maintain a good report.

3. Consider flexible working conditions

Flexible scheduling and opportunities to work from home aren't a fit in some forms of business. For example, a janitor has to come to work and his or her hours might be determined by the demands of the facility he or she cleans. But a jan/san distributor could allow some of its sales staff and office workers to pick their own hours or work from home.

4. Examine employee perks

If several employees are leaving to go work at the same company, it might be a good idea to see what that other company is offering new hires. Obviously, an increase in pay is enticing, but that might not be possible to provide during a global pandemic that's causing economies to struggle. But companies attracting a lot of new employees could be offering other perks that aren't monetary.

5. Hire from within 

It's much easier for a business to identify quality employees when those candidates already work for them. That's why many successful businesses chose to hire from within as much as they can. Doing so reduces the need to do a heavy search for replacements.

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