We have all seen our share of good and bad bosses, but many wonder what actually makes a boss successful. Inc. Magazine put together a list of universal habits that make a boss great.

1. Great bosses get the small picture. All workers understand the corporate mission, but many internalize it differently. Great bosses understand that workers experience the job from a very different perspective than the desk in the corner office. The best bosses will take these perspectives into account.

2. Great bosses make people feel smart. Everyone has an opinion and suggestions for ways to make life easier. Some of these ideas are great, while others can be a stretch. Great bosses listen carefully for the tiniest germ of potential in an idea. They talk it through until they produce something workable and smart. The employee is happy to have helped and the boss has a great possibility for success.

3. Great bosses know who does what. It is important to stress working as a team, but it is equally as important to recognize a job well done by an individual. A great boss will talk with managers about how and what individuals are doing, and then recognize such accomplishments when they run into that worker in the hall.

4. Great bosses know when they're not wanted. Good bosses delegate. Great ones don't hang around in the background monitoring how the delegation is going. Good bosses walk around the office and talk to people. Great ones to that too, but in measured doses. Traditionally, when the boss is around, employees will be eager to impress, monitor their words and become mildly uncomfortable. Great bosses give them their space.

5. Great bosses remember. Employees' hobbies. Their families' names. Who plays what position on the company softball team? Who is terrified of flying? Who has expressed interest in a leadership role?

Bosses who practice these habits will be great in their employee's eyes.