E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, a local and national award-winning public charter school in Washington, DC, announced its participation in the Healthful Schools program, an initiative that promotes the adoption of science-based standards for cleaning to protect health and the environment. In order to qualify for the program, E.L. Haynes underwent an audit of its cleaning processes, products and equipment for compliance with the Green Seal GS-42 standard.

"E.L. Haynes is committed to being a leader in the adoption and development of nationally-recognized effective practices for advancing student achievement. We believe that creating a healthier environment for our students plays a very important role in accomplishing this goal," said Jennifer C. Niles, Founder and Head of School.

The Healthful Schools Program is part of the Healthful Buildings Partnership, a coalition of building owners, facility managers and service providers who are dedicated to promoting best practices for cleaning and health. Marion Stecklow, Executive Director of the Building Wellness Institute, performed the environmental audit for participation in the Healthful Schools program.

"The E.L. Haynes facility scored the highest possible score on our audit, and is to be congratulated for taking a leadership role on a vital public health issue," Ms. Stecklow said.

Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency and Cornell Medical School have documented that adoption of high-performance green cleaning practices can reduce doctor's visits and absenteeism in schools.