Fiserv Forum Milwaukee Bucks Arena

The Fiserv Forum, the home of the Milwaukee Bucks (Wisconsin), is scheduled to be the world's first bird-friendly sports and entertainment venue. Facility executives are currently going through processes to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Silver certification, which includes a Bird Collision Deterrence LEED credit.

According to reports, 1 billion birds die annually after colliding with glass — of which the new arena features substantial quantities — in the United States. Scientists estimate that this staggering total likely accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the birds in the United States and contributes to ongoing declines in bird populations across North America.

Addressing collisions is vitally important not only because of the inherent value of birds, but also because birds reduce pest populations, pollinate plants, disperse seeds, provide other natural services, and captivate tens of millions of Americans with their beauty and fascinating behavior.

The 17,500-seat Fiserv Forum is located in the heart of Milwaukee, which is a Bird City Wisconsin community. The arena was designed to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED) Bird Collision Deterrence credit (SSpc55), which was created in partnership with American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Credit SSpc55 has already been approved on the pending LEED application for Fiserv Forum.

Buildings that achieve the Bird Collision Deterrence credit address the primary reasons that birds collide with buildings: reflective and see-through glass and lighting that disorients birds during their nocturnal spring and fall migrations. Wisconsin Humane Society will also work with the Bucks to monitor Fiserv Forum for collisions, following a plan designed in partnership with Bird City Wisconsin and ABC.

According to the Fiserv Forum website, the organization's dedication to achieving LEED Silver includes efforts beyond the protection birds. The initiatives demonstrate that Bucks’ ownership is serious about reducing the team’s environmental footprint. Among these are landscaping with native plants, operations that avoid use of straws and other petroleum products, a composting program and low-flow toilets. Fiserv Forum was also built using high recycled content, regionally-sourced materials and low-emission products that help provide healthy indoor air quality for staff and guests. 

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