Throughout 2016, Avmor, a manufacturer and marketer of professional cleaning chemicals, has made several changes as the company expands their product marketing beyond Canada to all of North America. Several new people in key sales and marketing positions have been added to the Avmor team to support this extended marketing coverage.

“It is with great excitement and pleasure that Avmor announces the hiring of these fifteen-new people,” says Mike Sawchuk, Chief Business Development Officer for Avmor. “We are working hard to hire only the best people we can find. These new members, like our existing team members, are the best of the best.”

The new regional hires include the following:
• Atlantic area: Marcus Costandi, Region Manager
• New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island: Mark Atkinson, Territory Manager
• Quebec: Martine Menard, Region Manager
• Quebec East: Stephane Gagne, Territory Manager
• Ontario East & North: Mike Watt
• Western Canada: Irene O’Neil, Region Manager
• Saskatchewan/Manitoba: Keri Carson, Territory Manager
• Alberta North: Julie Marie Berardi, Territory Manager

Hires for specific divisions of Avmor include:
• Food Service: Darrell Campbell, Executive Vice President Corporate and Food Service Accounts
• Manager, Corporate Accounts Food Service: Mike Rys
• Account Manager, Food Service: Patricia Briere
• Marketing Manager: Lai-Na Wong
• Marketing Coordinator, Web Site and Graphics: Margaux Beauvais
• Customer Care Manager: Nancy Matte
• Coordinator Pricing, and Customer Care Representative: Laura Poce

“Each one of these people brings special talents that will help Avmor grow significantly,” says Sawchuk. “Joining forces with our present staff, we are really expecting 2017 to be a landmark year for Avmor.”