Talk show studio interior with comfortable sofas on pedestal filming equipment urban view in background vector illustration

Fashion can be cool. It can also be really out there. The same can be said about talk shows. Now the two subjects will be able to share their corkier sides in a fashion-focused series that takes place in various posh restrooms.

Fashion design Alexander Wang will host “Potty Talk,” a talk show in which he will interview celebrities inside the restrooms of award shows and other VIP events, reports WWD.

“Potty Talk” will be a collaboration between Wang and new short-form video platform called Quibi, and will be produced by RadicalMedia.

Wang will be joined by a guest host for each episode who will double as a bathroom attendant. Guests of the show will participate in both conversation and games. 

It’s unknown whether any of the show’s conversation will take place between stall partitions. It also hasn’t been announced whether or not guests will be expected to wash their hands after visiting the restroom. But if they’re anything like the average person, the show’s guests will just wash their hands most of the time using really bad technique.