High dynamic range (HDR) Aerial view of the city of Milan, Italy

ISSA PULIRE NETWORK srl has announced the dates for the forthcoming fifth edition of FORUM PULIRE, an international congress dedicated to the theme of cleaning and integrated services. FORUM PULIRE 2020 will be held Oct. 13-14 in Palazzo Regione Lombardia, in central Milan, Italy.

Once again, the congress will provide an opportunity for delegates to meet, discuss and consider the future of the industry. Held every other year to alternate with the ISSA PULIRE trade show, FORUM PULIRE is a multidisciplinary container for bringing together thoughts and comparing ideas.

“We are working to make this an even more international edition," says Toni D'Andrea, CEO of ISSA PULIRE NETWORK. “Our goal is to reach out to an ever-broader group of participants and share new sources of inspiration for the development and growth of one’s own business. Accordingly, we have selected themes of discussion that will enable us to pose questions about today in order to understand the underlying causes of what’s happening, to work out how the future is likely to develop so that we may intercept its needs.”

The five themes of the next forum have therefore been selected with a view to addressing and resolving issues that characterize both this industry and the society as a whole, namely:


Cleaning and integrated services is a labor-intensive industry in which payroll accounts for up to 80 percent of total costs, and in which women make up 72 percent of the workforce. The value and the scale of the contribution by women to the industry goes unnoticed, even though they represent a particularly large proportion of the workforce compared to other sectors.


Happiness depends on many diverse factors, which may be related to genetics or socio-demographic, economic, cultural, religious or political circumstances or, more simply, may depend on the social and professional settings in which we find ourselves in our day-to-day lives. In short, happiness is undoubtedly one of the most prized attributes of a full life.

Belonging and Sense of Community

These are two sides of the same coin. In the coming years, the industry may well find itself called to deal with the important and challenging task of creating welcoming settings and hospitable environments. The industry needs to be ready to approach this task with a combination of resourcefulness and humanity.

Distribution In The Age of Disruption

Disruption, a situation of rupture and discontinuity from the recent past, engenders in people a sense of unease and loss. Having been dragged into a situation of apparent "chaos," people find ourselves having to think about, work toward and make plans for securing access to services and wealth. Beginning with an examination of the new business models, the forum shall try to understand how the industry might manage to accomplish the necessary task of revising the rules and instruments to govern its work.

Designing For Cleanliness In Healthcare and Hospitality

One of the primary values that conveys feelings of welcomeness and hospitality is cleanliness. Cleaning and the maintenance of a clean environment, be it in a hospital or other facility is an unquestionable good. This has wide implications and gives rise to several considerations. Dirtiness is often the consequence of a breakdown in design generated by a synthesis of mistaken habits, improper use operational practices or wrong/inefficient intervention. In this panel discussion, the forum will be delving into a number of sensitive situations in order to assess their seriousness, estimate their consequences, understand the underlying causes and come up with solutions.

Participating in the Forum PULIRE will once again be business executives and decision makers from the entire integrated services sector eager to learn and be inspired by some of the most illustrious minds in the world of business, science and art.