Building managers and cleaning professionals should be aware of a new term that is likely to have a very big impact on the professional cleaning industry. "On-site generation" refers to cleaning solutions and systems that give the user immediate access to cleaning solutions where they are working and when they are needed.

While the term could apply to some traditional cleaning products, we are seeing it used predominantly by manufacturers of engineered-water cleaning systems such as electrolyzed water and aqueous ozone systems.

Although these systems do differ, they also share many of the same benefits of on-site generation cleaning, according to Michael Draper, CEO of CleanCore Technologies, which manufactures aqueous ozone cleaning systems.

According to Draper some of these benefits include the following:

 • Allows the cleaning worker faster and more efficient access to cleaning solutions when and where needed
 • Enhances worker productivity; "some cleaning time studies have shown savings in labor compared to [traditional] chemical applications"
 • Gives off no chemical fumes
 • Eliminates need for chemical storage
 • Helps minimize or eliminate the need for ordering, handling, transporting, or distributing cleaning solutions
 • Promotes sustainability
 • Is considered as safe if not safer than using green-certified cleaning solutions for the cleaning worker, building users, and the environment.
In addition, most systems are designed to be very user friendly and easy to learn.

"This increases ease of implementation and less [worker] resistance to the use of new cleaning technologies," adds Draper.