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Yale New Haven Health won the 2020 Excellence in Health Care Facility Management Award for its systemwide process alignment, software ecosystem improvements and data standardization. The award, presented by the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association, was announced Nov. 3.

Yale New Haven Health executed new CMMS, PMIS and space management tool implementations systemwide, built sophisticated integrations between existing systems, and performed large-scale data standardization while maintaining an unrelenting focus on improving both the customer experience and the team’s experience interacting with the data. These changes took a number of cross-function collaborations, but the results speak for themselves: The maintenance technicians now have instant access to consistent electronic data about their work orders and facility assets, and leadership can view enterprise-wide data on performance and customer satisfaction and the entire portfolio of space data.

The Excellence in Health Care Facility Management Award recognizes individuals or facility management departments that implement new or innovative programs or processes to optimize the physical environment and improve patient care. For more information about ASHE awards, visit