Excel Dryer Gift

Excel Dryer, Inc. doesn’t often have the opportunity to play Santa, but this year, the company made the wish of one of its biggest fans come true.

This was the request the sales team received in November from Kelly Augustine of Phoenix, mother of 13-year-old Aiden, “Over the past few years, my son has developed a passion for seeking out hand dryers at every location that we visit. Each time that we find one, we take a video of ourselves using it. Over the course of these adventures, my son has become particularly fond of the XLERATOR hand dryers. So much so, that he has asked for one for Christmas. Since he is autistic, he is very passionate about installing a dryer in his bathroom.”

“We know that people across the globe are fans of our products, but Aiden’s enthusiasm was particularly touching,” says William Gagnon, executive vice President and COO, Excel Dryer. “While our hand dryers are built for commercial use and require a dedicated circuit, we were able to send a demo model to Aiden that could be plugged into a standard outlet. We were thrilled to be able to make this young boy’s wish come true.”

Upon opening his special gift, an XLERATOR Hand Dryer with a graphite finish and its own stand, Aiden smiled and said, “I’m gonna go in my room and test run it.” Maybe someday, he’ll be engineering his own XLERATOR model!