Event Promotes Professional Cleaning

EUnited Cleaning, with the support of the European Federation of Cleaning Industries and the International Association for Soaps, Detergents & Maintenance Products, is relaunching its 'European Cleaning Days' campaign, according to an article on the Cleanzine website.

Aimed at promoting and highlighting the importance and benefits of professional cleaning in facilities such as offices, hospitals, airports, train stations, etc., the campaign is scheduled to run throughout May 2017.

The mission of the ECD is to combine the existing cleaning events and organize new ones to educate the public about the importance of professional cleaning for public health, comfort and wellbeing.

The campaign focuses on:

• Detergents for cleaning and disinfection
• Floor and high pressure cleaning: Buildings, business premises, and production sites
• Municipal equipment: Mobile machines used in municipalities and other public areas
• Cleaning contractors

For more information, including photos of past events, click here.