Essity Exec Shares Advice To New Grads

Youngstown State University officials recently announced that Donald Lewis, president of Essity’s Professional Hygiene, served as the keynote speaker during commencement services last month.

As reported by The Vindicator:

Lewis, who earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from YSU, recalled having gone through difficult times about 30 years ago. Nevertheless, living on his own, working hard and being part of on-campus organizations helped him develop his character, he told the grads.

Lewis advised the students to consider how they wish to be perceived, as well as to maintain a balance between working hard and “smart” and setting aside time for themselves. They also shouldn’t allow a lack of immediate success to deter them from engaging in hard work, he explained.

“Don’t allow yourself to ever feel constrained,” Lewis continued. “Not everyone who works hard succeeds, but everyone who succeeds works hard.”

Lewis also stressed what he sees as the importance of building face-to-face relationships – especially in this day and age of ubiquitous technology, which has a way of magnifying the smallest of mistakes and choices one makes.

“Think about your reputation; your reputation follows you if it’s a good one or a bad one,” he cautioned.

In addition to his keynote presentation, Lewis was awarded an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from his alma mater.