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The Swish Group of Companies, a diversified manufacturing, distribution, and technology company, has reached an agreement to sell its USA distribution division, Swish White River Ltd., to Envoy Solutions, a diversified manufacturing, distribution, and technology company and well-positioned distribution company of Glenview, Illinois.

We are grateful to our Swish White River Ltd. associates, who over the last 20 years have been instrumental in establishing Swish as the leading distributor of jan-san, paper, and packaging products in the Northeastern United States.

"With this change, the Swish Group of Companies' focus is to continue accelerating as industry leaders. We believe there are great opportunities in the market that fit our existing and future business, and we are looking forward to growing," says Anthony Ambler, Chairman of the Swish Group of Companies.

Swish Maintenance Limited (Canadian distribution), Charlotte Products Ltd. (North American manufacturing), and OptiSolve (precision cleaning technology) are not part of the transaction.

As part of the transaction, Swish Group company Charlotte Products Ltd. will continue to manufacture and supply its cleaning chemistry brands Swish, Enviro-Solutions, and ServClean for Envoy/Swish White River. "Charlotte has best-in-class R&D, manufacturing, and a great portfolio of brands. We're really excited to expand our relationship with Envoy Solutions," says Matt Strano, CEO of Charlotte Products Limited.

Swish Maintenance Limited will continue to grow its distribution across Canada through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

OptiSolve, Swish's technology company will promote "precision cleaning" through its quality management software and proprietary surface imaging and reporting technology allowing management to track cleaning trends in their facilities by areas, surfaces, and employees.