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Envoy Solutions announced the acquisition of Bio-Shine, Inc., based in Spotswood, New Jersey. This business with a 30-year history of performance excellence provides janitorial & sanitary supplies, cleaning equipment and parts, air purification solutions, and chemical products to various markets, including schools, healthcare, contractors, religious facilities, and more. The demand for their products has accelerated due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bio-Shine is the second New Jersey-based distributor joining Envoy Solutions' rapidly growing national platform this year and the 10th acquisition since August 2021. The new partnership will advance Envoy Solutions' vision of making buildings cleaner and more sustainable, people safer, and operations more productive.

"This is an excellent company with top-notch leaders, and I'm glad to have them joining our national platform," says Mark M. Fisher, CEO of Envoy Solutions. "I look forward to learning from each other and capitalizing on the strengths at both companies, which is a key focus of our differentiated business model. There's significant potential for us to fill a void and thrive in the New Jersey and New York City markets with our best-in-class products and services and a solutions-driven approach."

Bio-Shine, founded in 1991, grew from humble beginnings with two employees selling products from a trailer to what is now a regional distributor for multiple product lines into a variety of sales channels. One key factor in Bio-Shine's success has been expanding private label offerings. The company will enhance its product portfolio by joining Envoy Solutions while increasing its customer base from coast to coast.

"This is the biggest opportunity we've ever had as a company," says Glenn Rothstein, president of Bio-Shine. "We're proud of what we've accomplished at Bio-Shine and thrilled to be able to share our products and services with a much larger pool of customers across the country."

"By joining Envoy Solutions, we will enhance our product line, deepen our category knowledge, and position ourselves for significant growth in the future," says Dave Matisoff, vice president of Bio-Shine.