Norm Sherwood, Vice President at Envirocare Corporation in Wilmington, Massachusetts reached out over the miles from New England to help flood victims right here in South Central New York. When he heard about the flooding and the destruction of homes and property, he knew he had a way to help, and the small company stepped up to be a Big Neighbor. Norm called the American Red Cross Flood Disaster Headquarters in Endicott and said he had a product that could help make the re-building and remediation process easier and safer for residents and home owners.

His company, Envirocare, produces a product which kills odor causing microorganisms, mold and mildew. The small Envirocare Corporation donated 144 cases of product and paid for the shipping to the Red Cross distribution warehouse in Binghamton. The cases went out to the residents of Ninevah Township, north of Binghamton, another hard-hit flood area. Many residents there were without potable water due to well contamination. The shipment is enough to treat at least 144 homes if not more.

The Red Cross thanks Norm Sherwood and the Envirocare Corporation for being generous neighbors and reaching out to help the people of this region in their time of need.