EnviroZyme, Inc. Announces New Vice President Of Sales

EnviroZyme is proud to announce John Ross as thenew Vice President of Sales.

Driven by innovation and big ideas, John Ross will play a key role in leading the new era of customer-centric solutions from EnviroZyme and going beyond the science to meet the quality and service our customers deserve.

“EnviroZyme is a customer-driven business and we’re excited to tell the world our story, showing off our world class facilities, people and solutions. You have seen and will continue to see people from all over the US and the world visit us in Bowling Green from all different industries who have a distinct interest in what we are doing, what we are building and the direction we are going. EnviroZyme is excited to define what a true partnership means to our current and future clients.”

The EnviroZyme team is excited to welcome John Ross to the team, furthering theircommitment to setting a higher standard in fermentation excellence.