Enviro-Solutions announces that it has added five new courses to its e-learning program.
The entire e-learning program is designed specifically for jan/san distributors and DSRs and is open to all Enviro-Solutions’ representatives throughout North America and Asia.
According to Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions, the five new courses focus on improving phone and presentation skills.  “And, these courses are designed for new sales representatives as well as seasoned professionals,” he adds.
The five new courses are:

· Phone Skills: Basic strategies to improve success rates when using the phone to contact prospects or current customers.
· Sales Call Presentation: How to work with gatekeepers, convey your message and focus the conversation.
· Appointment Setting: Successful measures to gain more appointments and increase sales.
· Success Skills: How to overcome sales weaknesses and build sales strengths.
· Presentation Skills: Imperative skills needed to conduct a meeting and make a presentation for audiences of all sizes.

“A couple of years ago we conducted a survey and found that reps who were most involved with our e-learning program had the greatest sales growth—almost double their peers,” says Sawchuk.  “Because of this, I cannot emphasize enough how much I encourage distributors and reps to take advantage of these courses.”
The Enviro-Solutions E-Learning Program includes over 75 courses covering subjects such as Product Knowledge, Selling Skills, Procedures, Glossaries, and more.