EnvirOx’s Diana Stewart Recognized With 2018 Impact Award

Vistage, the world’s leading CEO peer-advisory organization, announced that Diana Stewart, President of EnvirOx, is the recipient of their Impact Award. The Vistage Impact Award recognizes remarkable development and achievements in members with between one and three years’ tenure at Vistage. These members have become invaluable assets to their group, opening themselves to feedback and reaching significant turning points.

EnvirOx is a manufacturer of environmentally-preferred, safer, healthier cleaning products. Diana’s mission as President is to improve the health of millions across the country by eliminating toxic chemicals from workplaces, schools and public areas. EnvirOx has had a positive impact on the environment, and on the lives of those who clean and visit facilities, by replace hazardous cleaning products with safer alternatives. As a result of EnvirOx’s impactful work, thousands of cleaning service workers across the country have a safer way to perform the cleaning tasks in their daily work. Diana believes that clean doesn’t have to come with a health cost.

“I believe that all business owners have a unique opportunity to make the world better, which is why EnvirOx is dedicated to reducing toxicity, reducing environmental impact and make cleaning products that actually work.” says Diana. “I’m honored to be recognized by Vistage for this award and grateful to be a member of such an inspiring group of leaders.”

“Diana has proven to be one of the top small business leaders who I have had the privilege of meeting.” says Peter Fuller, Executive Coach and Vistage Chair. “Her strategic insight, dedication to her employees and accountability to herself and the things she needs to do to move her business forward have been an inspiration to her fellow Vistage members.”