With green cleaning becoming ever more prevalent and integral to the health and wellness of our children, EnvirOx is pleased to announce Platinum level sponsorship of Healthy Schools Campaign’s (HSC) Green Clean Schools program.
HSC’s Green Clean Schools has partnered with numerous organizations to change the way schools are cleaned. The days of harsh and harmful chemicals in school cleaning are coming to an end, and EnvirOx is proud to be part of a partnership that will usher in a new era of green cleaning in schools.
HSC and EnvirOx have over 20 years of combined experience in green cleaning. Together, their work will continue to focus on establishing a vibrant network of school facility managers who are dedicated to ensuring that schools use products and practices that protect both student health and the environment.
“We are committed to our continued support of this important mission, said Diana Stewart, President of EnvirOx LLC. “Supporting student health and wellness through safer, healthier cleaning technology is a cornerstone in what we do at EnvirOx. We are confident that our partnership with HSC will yield great outcomes in the field of green cleaning in schools!”
While HSC has been working toward this goal for more than a decade, there is still much work to be done through programs and events like the Green Clean Schools Leadership Institute, the Green Clean Schools Forum at ISSA/INTERCLEAN and numerous webinars hosted by award-winning industry experts. HSC is bringing together leading school facility operators to raise awareness about best practices and build leadership skills that will help them elevate their green cleaning programs to new heights.
The drive by HSC and EnvirOx to better empower others in the field of green cleaning will continue to cultivate a strong and effective partnership as it has done for many years.