EnvirOx LLC, headquartered in Danville, IL, recently unveiled its newly designed, GHS compliant labels as part of a brand refresh initiative to upgrade the company’s product branding strategy.

“Our company was built by partnering with distributors to deliver what our customers need and want. Making our products even easier to use and embracing GHS is simply the next step in our evolution,” said Josh Clemence, President of EnvirOx LLC. “The brand refresh is one part of the many investments we continue to make in our company to better serve our customer’s need for safer, healthier products that really work.”

EnvirOx worked with prominent branding and marketing consultant groups to perform market research, develop a product naming strategy and design the new GHS compliant labels.

The new design elements, product names and labels reflect the core brand promise of EnvirOx: simplicity, safety and effectiveness. The objective of the new product names and label design is to make the key attributes and purpose of each product easy to identify for end-using customers. The new label designs also highlight GHS label elements, making safety information consistent and easy to find.

In addition to the simplified, more modern design, the most notable addition to the EnvirOx product branding strategy is the introduction of brand families. Each family of products shares common attributes that makes each product easier to understand, creating a clearer and better product experience.

“GHS will help people to understand the risks and hazards associated with the chemicals they use. We’ve always believed that access to safer products and transparent information should be the right of every cleaning professional.” Said Patrick Stewart, EnvirOx LLC founder.