The Healthy Facilities Institute University (HFI-U) has released "The Healthy and Safe Facility Handbook ─ School and College Edition," available in both English and Spanish.

“Since Spanish is the second largest spoken language globally after Mandarin Chinese, with English in third place, we wanted to make this information freely available to the large numbers of Spanish-speaking facility services personnel,” said Allen Rathey, principal of HFI-U. “No signup or information is needed to download the guide. Just visit the site, download the guide(s), read and apply the information.”

HFI-U is grateful for the assistance of William Mattos, of ASEO USA, for making this translation possible, and is indebted to Kaivac for sponsoring the original English edition.

The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) Healthy and Safe Facility Handbook ─ School and College Edition ─ provides actionable facts and steps to help you develop a system to:

1. Improve and protect the indoor environment at your facility
2. Provide better conditions for students, staff, faculty, and visitors
3. Advance learning outcomes by enhancing safety and health

The audience for this handbook is not technical but general. It is designed to make the complicated simple while still being accurate, thus empowering laypersons to understand, affect, and improve health and safety issues in schools and colleges.

The subject of healthier indoor environments should be well-understood by all, not just experts. This guide will give you holistic information to move your educational facility toward a higher level of health and well-being to the benefit of the learning and teaching process.