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A Christchurch, N.Z., school cleaner has inspired dozens of children to clean up after themselves by leaving notes in the classroom, according to an article on the NewsHub website.

Addington School cleaner Karen Barry goes the extra mile for the students, according to teacher Kate Hartstonge.

Usually the notes would be left sporadically on the whiteboard or the door, but recently Barry left notes for each of the pupils, Hartstonge and the teacher’s aide.

"I am so lucky to have an amazing cleaner who goes above and beyond,” Hartstonge said.

One note to the pupils said "You don't need to grow any taller, you already stand out." Others say: "Everything you need to reach your goals is already in you" and "A little progress everyday adds up to big results".

Barry says she does it because the pupils inspired her cleaning up the classroom before she gets there.

"They're just wonderful, they clean up the room, and they don't just do it once or twice a week, they do it every single day without fail.”

Hartstonge has nothing but praise for Barry and her kind gesture.

"She does this without expecting anything in return and it means a lot to me and my students. The three classes I have taught there have all loved her and leave her notes of thanks, too,” she says. "When they clean up at the end of the day, they do it for Karen, because they appreciate what she does for us."

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