There are a number of differences between the 85 million baby boomers and the 50 million Gen Xers when it comes to work ethic — particularly in their ideas of work-life balance. According to an article in Time magazine, baby boomers are juggling between job and family, while Gen Xers move in and out of the workforce to accommodate kids and outside interests. But, what should managers expect with the 76 millions members of Generation Y? As mentioned in the article, these workers are content as long as they are spending their time in meaningful and useful ways.

The article lists a few suggestions for managers who are looking to hire Gen Yers:

• Get them in the door before boomers retire. Gen Yers typically move home with mom and dad after graduating, which allow them the luxury to pick and choose the job they want.

• Look for travel experience. This use to be a red flag on a resume, but today it is a learning experience, according to the article.

• Consider restructuring the department to allow for a work-life balance. Reports indicate that employers who do are winning in the war for young talent.

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