Side view of white and black open space office interior with rows of computer tables with desktops standing on them

The national turnover rate across all reported industries in 2018 was 44.3 percent. According to The Realtime Report, this is a 5 percent increase since 2014. But, a positive work environment can boost productivity and keep the turnover rate down. Here are a few things that can help make sure a workspace a working for a business instead of against it.

Keep it clean. Nobody wants to stay in a dirty environment for eight or more hours of their day. Keeping a clean space can help to keep a lot of employees happy. Keep cleaning staff on site throughout the day, which will make maintaining the environment easier. For specialty tasks, hire professionals for some deep office cleaning when it’s needed.

Try a nontraditional office setup. The days when cubicles encouraged productivity are gone. Revamping the physical work environment to best fit the productivity needs of the people working can reap immediate rewards. Try a more open space with shareable desks and different seating options.

Let the light shine in. Sluggish employees may be suffering from a lack of light throughout the day. Studies have shown that natural light has multiple benefits, including preventing depression by boosting vitamin D storage and promoting an increase in productivity levels.

According to CleanLink reports on a 2018 survey on employee satisfaction, cleanliness is a key factor. The survey found a significant majority of the respondents identified safety and hygiene (94 percent), and organization of work environments (93 percent) as main components of their happiness on the job.

In addition, according to the study, nine of 10 manufacturing employees believe quality on-the-job tools, such as cleaning products, impact their productivity (90 percent) along with their happiness.